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Military Weapons Racks
UWR® storage system, It's ready. So you are.
Military Weapons Storage, Spacesaver

The Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR™ storage system) and UWRmini™ storage system is ready for secure military weapons storage for a variety of purposes such as, M16 racks, pistol racks, gear bag cabinets, or optics cabinets all utilizing the same secure cabinet frame. Multiple weapons storage in one weapon cabinet, and doing so without the need to disassemble or zero the weapon is a huge boost to your operational and combat readiness.

Spacesaver weapons racks combine thought ful design and unmatched features to create a weapons storage system that's thoroughly dependable and instantly deployable under any circumstance. Keeping operational readiness in mind, the Universal Weapons Rack storage system is both versatile and flexible.

  Universal Weapons Rack and UWRmini Storage System
The most flexible and secure military weapons storage system available, the Spacesaver Universal Weapons Rack storage system maximizes military armory storage space within a compact footprint. Adjustable weapon racks accommodate a variety of weapons of various lengths and types, and perforated doors and sides simplify weapons inventory assessments, while keeping weapons storage highly secure.

Convenience: Spacesaver weapons racks keep the weapons in the condition they are used. Most optics and accessories can remain assembled and zeroed to the weapon while being stored.

Quick Reconfiguration: Just as quickly as your weapons change, the Universal Weapons Rack storage system keeps pace with a few minor interior adjustments.

Space Efficiency: Mounting multiple weapons rack storage systems unit on a high-density mobile storage system lets you keep all of your unit's weapons in one central location.

  weapons storage and optics storage systemsweapons storage and optics storage systems
Total Transportability.
With patent pending transport components the Universal Weapons Rack completely prevents weapons from movement, vibration, shock and abrasion. All of our transport components passed accidental shock and load tests by keeping weapons safe and secure. The weapons rack storage system can be tilted 90 degrees in any direction without weapons becoming dislodged, or coming in contact with each other or with other components in the rack.
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