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Racking and Accessories
Giving you 100% accessibility to all pallets, first in first out principle and extremely dense storage, mobile racking can be the ideal space saving solution. Using 50% of warehouse space compared to conventional racking this can produce significant build cost savings.Particularly cost effective for a cold store environment.   Stow Racking
  Different Types of Racking
Conventional Pallet Racking
Open Face Racking
Live Storage System
Customised Racking
Drive-in Pallet Racking
Mobile Pallet Racking Mobile Pallet Racking
High Bay Pallet Racking
Cantilever Racks & Vertical Storage Cantilever Racks & Vertical Storage
Conventional Pallet Racking    

The Stow Pal Rack ® pallet racking system consists of a full range of basic components and accessories to fulfi ll all of your
requirements. The system is designed for the optimised storage of goods of all sizes and weights. All components have been thoroughly tested in specialised laboratories to determine their mechanical properties. These are used to calculate the safe load capacity of each component and ensure that they meet the stringent requirements of the FEM (Fédération
Européenne de la Manutention) code for pallet racking.


Racking Frames
Frame Bracing
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Drive-in Pallet Racking    

Drive-in racks are designed for storing large quantities of similar pallets and increase the storage space utilisation
compared to conventional pallet racking systems. This is achieved by eliminating picking aisles. The system provides safe block stacking of goods, which are too fragile or unstable to be stacked one on top of the other.

Pallet Rail
Entry guide
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Open Face Racking    

Stow’s Open face racking is particularly suitable for storage of containers and pallets. As box containers are only supported in their four corners a safe storage in conventional pallet
racking is not possible. In Open face racking the containers or pallets are stored on depth supports, which are hooked in the side perforations of the frames.

This type of racking provides maximum height utilisation by eliminating the horizontal beams as in Conventional pallet racking. The boltless height adjustment every 25 mm allows an optimised partitioning of the storage levels.

Adding some specifi c construction elements, such as top-ties, top-rail and run-outs, the system can be serviced automatically by AS/RS-cranes.

Hook-in depth supports
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Mobile Pallet Racking    

The Mobile racking system is composed of Conventional pallet racking installed on mobile bases, allowing opening and
closing of the aisles. Where compact storage is needed whilst keeping a high degree of accessibility to the stored products,
mobile racking may be the best solution, especially where storage space is expensive, for example in coldstores.

The mobiles are operated manually or automatically by means
of an integrated RF-system. The PLC-software may be adapted
to the client’s specifi c needs or linked to the client’s mainframe.
Safety is guaranteed by a photoelectric beam system, mounted
on each mobile rack and in front of the complete installation
complying with the European machine safety directives.
Adding P&D-locations may further increase the warehouse
effi ciency, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Control panel
Remote control
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Live Storage System    

Stow’s Live storage system provides effi cient and ultra dense storage of palletised goods. The goods are inserted at the
on-load face and travel down under the force of gravity. At the off-load face the pallets can be removed. With this system
pallets are stored on the fi rst-in/ fi rst-out principle (FIFO).

The Push back system, also realised with roller tracks,
provides a last-in/ fi rst-out operation (LIFO). In this case the
pallets are loaded and unloaded from the same side. The lift
truck pushes the pallets into their storage location and they
return under the force of gravity.

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High Bay Pallet Racking    

Pallet racking serviced by cranes requires special arrangements for tolerances in manufacturing and erection. Perfect positioning and levelling are vital for such installations. The cranes are running on a floor mounted rail and stabilised at the top of the mast by a top guide rail. The pallets can be placed “single deep” or “double deep”.

  • Crane height: distance from highest point of the floor to the top-tie
  • Height of the bottom level and the top-level
  • Crane aisle width: distance between the front of opposite pallets
  • Design of the run-outs at both ends of the aisle
  • Type of top rail and its fixation
  • Crane horizontal forces in z- and x-directionss

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Customised Racking    

Looking for the best storage solutions based on standard components, a customised racking design is developed by our engineering department.

  • Picking from pallets at floor level.
  • Fencing integrated in the pallet racking for vertical storage of carpets.
  • Multitier storage of cartons
  • Shuttle rails installed onto normal pallet racking beams.
  • Pallet racking combined with Mezza-Stow flooring system. The hook-in cantilever arms support the rail for hanging garments.
  • Multitier pallet racking combined with the Mezza-Stow flooring system.
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