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Cantilever Racks & Vertical Storage Cantilever Racks & Vertical Storage
Cantilever Racking    
Cantilever racking & Vertical racking  

Cantilever racking is ideal for those applications where you need to store long or bulky product horizontally. Cantilever racking has no front uprights to interfere with the placement or retrieval of loads. Any load or storage level is immediately available. It lowers your handling cost saving you time and money.

  • Safe and economical storage of long products
  • Maximises the usage of your floor space and height available
  • Each bar rack is designed to suit your individual requirements
  • Robust racking design to cope with arduous environments
  • Ideal for plywood, chipboard & timber sheets, plasterboard, building materials, pipe & tubing, sheet steel, roll goods, extrusions etc

Single and double sided cantilever racks
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Bar Rack Features & Specifications    
Fully welded Heavy Duty cantilever rack  
  • Bar Rack Arms positively secured in position using zinc plated bolts
  • Arms adjustable on a pitch of 150 mm, (can be varied if required)
  • All upright and base sections are manufactured from hot rolled universal beam sections
  • Arms manufactured from universal beam or rectangular hollow sections
  • Racks are available in any colour, although black is standard
  • Latest computer technology used to achieve the most efficient design
  • All designs meet current British Standards
  • Minimum safety factor of 2.8 based on ultimate tensile strength
  • Cantilever Bar Rack Arm deflection limited to 1/150 of length
  • Rack Upright deflection limited to lesser of 1/120 of height or 50 mm
  • Worst Case Scenario" for loading patterns is always assumed
  • Maximum allowable weld stress of 115 N/mm2
Tunnel & Bridging bays over aisles in adjustable racking
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The Principle of Cantilever Bar Racks    
Economical kit form adjustable arm bar rack  

A cantilever is a beam that is supported at one end and carries a load at the other end or along its length, having the other end suspended in the air. The beam forms a lever, which carries the load by being held in position by the mount, turning the loads into torque on the mount. Cantilever construction allows for long structures without external bracing.

  • 1- Cantilevered rack arm
  • 2- Supporting rack upright
  • 3- Location of torque
Fully welded bespoke cantilever rack
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Vertical Racking    
Bespoke vertical storage rack  

Vertical racking is designed to provide vertical storage racks for tubing, pipe and other types of similar materials. It enables you to organize pipes, extrusions etc. in a systematic and readily accessible manner.

  • Product stored logically
  • Ideal for hand-picked items
  • Allows quick and easy product selection
  • Rack location size readily adjusts as stock levels vary
  • Sturdy racking construction
  • Storage arms adjustable horizontally without use of tools
  • Standard location depth 600 mm but any depth available
  • Bay centres designed to suit the space available
  • Heights available from 2 metres to 6 metres
  • Single-side or double-sided storage racks
  • Floor retaining angle keeps your stock safely in rack
  • Ideal for timber, guttering, pipes & tubing, extrusions, pipe lagging etc
Econmical adjustable arm vertical storage rack (starter and extension)
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